Friday, May 27, 2016

The Process of Making a Car Donation in Milwaukee

The Process of Making a Car Donation in Milwaukee
If you have a vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that you no longer use, you may want to consider donating it to charity. Making a car donation is actually very easy to do. As such, there should be nothing standing in your way from making a contribution to a very worthy cause. Let's take a look at how you can go about making such a donation.

Step 1 - Choose Your Car Donation Milwaukee Charity

This is, in actual fact, the only difficult part of donating a car. There are simply so many good causes to choose from that having to commit to just one may feel like an impossible thing to do. Unfortunately, while you would be able to divide a financial donation to a range of different charities, you can only make a single Milwaukee car donation, as the charities can't share it. Only you can decide which charity is worthy of your donation, but there are two things that this charity should meet. First of all, it should be an efficient charity, which means that your money is spent where it matters. Secondly, it should be 501(c)3 registered, which means you can deduct the value of your donation from your taxable income.

Step 2 - Contact Car Donation Charity Milwaukee Residents Depend On

Most good charities will have a comprehensive website that highlights the types of donations they accept, how they are accepted, and what is done with your donation. A good charity like Rawhide will have an online form on their website so you can get the ball rolling for your donation. You simply fill in the various details about your vehicle, and they will contact you with further information.

Step 3 - Have Your Car Picked Up and Get Your Receipt

Once you have completed your contact form, a representative from the Milwaukee car donation charity will get in touch to make arrangements to have your car picked up. If you are able to drop it off yourself, this will usually be greatly appreciated, as it means the charity can keep their costs down. The vehicle will then be sold, usually at auction, and a receipt will be sent to you for your tax records.

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