Thursday, October 20, 2016

Car Donations Help Low-Income People

In the last few years, the United States has had some major economic problems.  Jobs have been really difficult to find.  When jobs are available, they often pay very little and, perhaps, do not offer benefits like health insurance.  Individuals and families caught in this economic downturn may have suffered a number of consequences as a result. Those who cannot find employment, or work at very low-paying employment, may not be able to afford a monthly car payment.  If they had a car, it may have broken down or been towed and impounded. The cost of repairs or impound fees could far exceed the weekly income of an economically struggling family.

Car Donations Madison Can Help

In response to the problems of those who are struggling financially in this difficult economy, some charities have begun to take car donations.  Often, the options for low-income individuals to obtain a vehicle are quite limited and my put them at risk for financial exploitation.  These options often include "we finance anyone" kinds of used car dealerships that may sell vehicles that have major mechanical problems.  The interest rates at these dealerships usually are extremely high as well.

Charities that accept car donations Madison are often willing to sell the donated vehicles to needy individuals or families at very low prices, and without charging high interest rates or requiring a credit check.  These charitable organizations will also make sure the vehicle is in good working order before releasing it for sale.

Car Donations Charities Madison Help People Get Jobs

People living in poverty has a much greater chance of getting and keeping a good job if they have reliable transportation.  In fact, the loss of a vehicle is one of the things that many low-income people cite as a significant barrier to obtaining and keeping employment.  Having reliable transportation also helps people save money by allowing them to travel to lower-priced retail stores or outlet shopping that may not be readily available in their neighborhoods.  Overall, receiving a good used vehicle from a reputable charity can really change the lives of folks who are struggling for the better.

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