Saturday, October 15, 2016

Nab a Check by Checking Donate Car Instead of Sell Car

Have ever gotten to the point with a car that a check for scrap metal sounds better than fixing it... again?  Sure you have, we all have!  Well now there is an alternative to the simple scrap and ignore method that could write you a bigger check towards your taxes, and that is the donate car option.

The Donate Car Option

So I'm sure you get the idea behind donation, but how does it actually work? What really makes the choice to donate a car Green Bay so special?  For that we turn the the CAR method of returns (yes, I made this method up).

Nab a Check by Checking Donate Car Instead of Sell Car
C is for Care - When you choose to donate car to Green Bay charity, you show the community and the nation that you truly care.  By participating in car donation Green Bay, you provide funds to programs that help the youth and troubled families get back on their feet.  These programs are found in your Green Bay community and around the nation.
A is for Appreciation - Appreciation comes full circle when you donate a car Green Bay. Appreciation from the charity that you donate to because you are funding them and the programs they help fund.  Appreciation from the families whose lives you hep change with these programs.  You even get appreciation from the government in the form of a tax return. Not to mention all the people you tell about the program to donate car to Green Bay charity. Hey! Get them involved too! They'll appreciate it even more.

R is for Replenish - Just like appreciation replenish is a full circle effect.  You will replenish the space you had lost to your old or unwanted car. The funds for the programs built to help people are replenished.  Your bank account will get nice a replenished around tax return time too.

So take a second to consider donate car Green Bay instead of just selling it.  The return on investment is beyond worth the time it takes to complete the entire car donation green bay process.  Don't forget, donating tends to yield high value estimates on your vehicles!

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