Friday, July 29, 2016

Car Donations Provide Valuable Funding

car donationsDo you have a vehicle that you no longer need?  Before you sell it, consider how much charities need funding and how easy car donations make it for you to help.

An old car can make a difference

Some charities are small and some are large, but they can all have an enormous impact.  Charities are a core part of what makes our society function, but they are dependent on the generosity of others.  Some of the wealthiest people in our nation are known for making massive cash donations, but it takes lots of people who remember that it is their responsibility to give to keep these organizations going.  Car donations Madison is an easy and effective way for you to do your part.  Some charities that accept car donations Madison get a large portion of their funding from these vehicle donation programs.  To you, it might just be an old vehicle that needs to be upgraded, but to car donations charities Madison, it can mean help for at-risk youth, food for the hungry, school supplies for needy kids, and more.

Contacting charities that accept car donations Madison

Making your car donations Madison is simple.  Most charities that accept car donations Madison will accept vehicles in any condition – even if they no longer run – and will arrange to have the vehicle towed for you.  All you need to do is to contact one of the many car donations charities Madison to inform them of your vehicle donation, tell them when and where you would like the vehicle picked up, and sign and hand over the title when they come to pick it up.  Many charities have an online vehicle donation form, and you can start your car donation Madison by visiting  It is that easy to participate in car donations Madison and turn an old vehicle into something that can make a difference.

The personal satisfaction that accompanies car donations Madison is the real reward, but don’t forget that you can also claim your donation as a deduction on your taxes.  Make sure that you get a receipt from the charity, and familiarize yourself with IRS tax laws regarding car donations Madison.

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