Thursday, July 21, 2016

Reasons to Donate Car

Deciding to Donate Car

If you have an extra vehicle, there are many things that you might decide to do with it. Selling it, gifting it to a friend or relative, or even choosing to donate it, you’ll always have a choice. When you choose to donate the vehicle to charity, you, the donor, are the most important person in this entire scenario. To start, the vehicle that gets donated will have to come from you, you’ll have to provide all of the information and facilitate the hand off of the vehicle. This decision is not always made quickly, but once it is made or you even begin to think about it, there are many things that might sway you in this direction.

donate car

Donate Car to Help Others

Donate car Green Bay charities help different groups of people. Each charity has a different mission and business model, so there will always be something that closely aligns with your values and desires.

- Without car donation Green Bay, many people may not be able to afford a vehicle of their own. While a steady stream of passengers is a good thing for public transportation options, it’s not always convenient for individuals. When you donate car, you give people a chance to buy a vehicle of their own for much less than typical retail value, which can change their lives.

- Having a car gives people independence, freedom and confidence. Owning a mode of transportation that is reliable makes it simple to get errands done, possible to get a job with “off” hours, and even an option to accept a position that isn’t close to home. It also makes it possible to relax and not worry about getting from point A to point B with a hassle.

- Receiving vehicle donations allows charities to continue to do good for the communities that they are based in. If the vehicles need small repairs, they may be fixed or worked on by young men and women that the charities strive to help as a part of future job training or even as part of a summer program or internship. In addition, the money that the vehicles raise when they are sold or scrapped will be put directly back into the organization, either for supplies, camps or programs, facility operation, or toward charity initiatives. You, the donor, will be able to use the gift of the vehicle as a tax deduction - so it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved when you donate car.

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