Monday, July 18, 2016

Donating Boats to Charity in Wisconsin

Looking to shake the dust off your old boat and send it sailing?  Consider donating boats to charity.  Though donating boats to charity Wisconsin isn't always the first thought that comes to mind when you think charity, it's an incredibly important one.  Charities can use old sailboats and pontoons alike to raise funds for their mission and in some cases, for use directly in their programs.  So if you're looking to get rid of that old boat, consider contributing to the less fortunate in your community.

For those in the Wisconsin area, Rawhide is an excellent choice.  This faith-based charitable organization has provided corrective services to at-risk children and their families.  With dozens of counseling, therapy, and summer programs available Rawhide has helped better the lives of thousands of families in Wisconsin and across the nation.  

donating boats

In addition to a cause that better the future of communities across the nation, this charity is experienced in donation and can help you throughout the entire process.  All you have to do it visit their website and submit a contact form.  A Rawhide representative will contact you to arrange a free pick-up of your boat as well as to collect any information they may need about ensuring a safe pick-up.  Once the charity has put your donation to use, you will be provided with a tax receipt you can use as a deduction on your federal income taxes.

If you're donating boats for tax deduction, you're going to want to ensure that the IRS recognizes the charity you've chosen for donation.  Throughout Wisconsin, the Rawhide charity is recognized as one of the best ways to complete boat donation.  In addition to over 40 years of service to the youth of Wisconsin, this IRS recognized charity has completed hundreds of donations over the years.  Whether you're new to the process or looking for a quick way to save on docking fees this summer, consider donating boats to charity Wisconsin.  Not only will you save yourself the headache of selling your old boat, you'll help the charity of your choice continue it's mission.

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