Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why Choose Car Donation

car donationCar donation is a beautiful way to connect charities in your area with great funding they can use to make an impact on their mission.  The best part?  Your vehicle doesn't even need to be in running condition in order to become a charity car Madison.  So instead of trying to sell that old hunker or find someone who wants to buy the old car for scrap, consider car donation Madison.

For those in the Wisconsin area, Rawhide is a premium choice for car donation Madison.  In addition to serving the state for nearly 50 years, Rawhide's youth programs have transcended state borders and are actively working to become a charity that all citizens can connect with.  This faith-based charity has provided corrective programs to thousands of at-risk youths and their families.  Together with their experienced staff, Rawhide offers everything from summer camps to counseling and seeks to radically change the lives of at-risk youths for the better.

The Rawhide Car Donation Process

Interested in donating to Rawhide?  Here's a quick overview of their process.

1.  Visit their website and fill out a contact form.  This form will ask you a few questions about the vehicle as well as the location Rawhide will be picking the vehicle up from.  The form should take less than 1 minute to complete.

2.  Wait for a call. Once your contact form has been received, one of the Rawhide staff members will call you to arrange a pick-up as well as ask any other questions that may pertain to retrieving the vehicle.

3.  Prepare your car for donation.  Once you've received your pick-up date,  give your car a look and see if there are any items you have left behind.  Additionally, call the insurance company you have associated with the car to ensure that there are no services attached to the vehicle soon.  Locate the title and put it in a safe place.

4.  Transfer ownership.  On the day of arrival, you will be asked to sign the title over to Rawhide to ensure that you are removed of all liability and that Rawhide owns the vehicle.

5.  Receive your receipt for car donation tax deduction Madison.  This will occur after Rawhide has put the vehicle to use either through auction or direct use within the charity's programs.

Whether you choose Rawhide or not, please consider donating your old car to charity.  Beyond the tax deduction, you have an opportunity to help the less fortunate in your community with a sizable donation.

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