Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Car Donations for Charity

Car donations are quickly becoming Wisconsin's favorite way to re-purpose that old and unwanted vehicle.  Unlike selling that old hunk of metal, car donations Milwaukee give new life to old cars.  Instead of rotting in the scrap yard (or your driveway), consider charities that accept car donations Milwaukee.   Not only does it give your car the opportunity to do one last act of civil service, you can feel good knowing that you're giving back to your community.   So instead of breaking your break trying to sell that old hunk of metal, consider car donations Milwaukee.

Charities use car donations Milwaukee to create funds for their mission.  In some cases, cars are sold at auction and fundraisers and in others they are used directly within the charity for transportation needs.  In many cases, charities that accept car donations Milwaukee will even accept vehicles that are no longer in working condition.  So even if you're simply looking for a way to get that old hunk of metal out of your driveway, don't call the scrap yard.  Your old car can be much more than another piece of metal in the scrap yard.  To many charities across the state, these donations help fund a considerable amount of their mission.

Where to Complete Car Donations Milwaukee

Looking for charities that accept car donations Milwaukee?

Car donations Milwaukee are quick and easy with Rawhide.  All you have to do is give them a call or fill out a contact form.  Within a couple of days, a Rawhide representative will contact you to arrange a free pick-up of your old vehicle.  Once the charity has put your donation to use, Rawhide will supply you with a receipt that details your donation.  This can be used to file a deduction on your Federal Income Taxes.  If you have any questions along the way, Rawhide is more than qualified to walk you through the process from start to finish. In fact, their staff can also answer questions about how to file your tax deduction.

Though donating your old car may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of charity, there's no better alternative to the scrap yard for your old or unwanted car.

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