Thursday, October 13, 2016

Where to Donate Sailboat Wisconsin

Looking for a place to donate sailboat to?  Look no further!  The Rawhide Ranch has been serving Wisconsin families for the last 40 years.  This faith-based organization was founded by sports legend Bart Starr and has created a standard of excellent care for at-risk youths and their families.  Together with their caring and knowledgeable staff, Rawhide has helped to redirect the lives of thousands of families for the better.  When you choose boat donations Wisconsin, consider donating your boat to Rawhide.

With a full and robust selection of counseling programs and therapy services, Rawhide is constantly looking to expand their program set to offer more to the youth.  They use sailboat donations Wiscsonin to create new programs, services, and educational summer camps for children all across Wisconsin.  In fact, more than 80% of the funds created by sailboat donations Wisconsin are used directly within the programs.  To learn more about Rawhide's vast array of programs and services, visit:

Your contribution helps to create a better world for both Wisconsin and the nation.  After all, our children are the future leaders of our great country.  Why wouldn't we take every opportunity to ensure every child has a bright future ahead of them.

Why to Donate Sailboat to Charity

If this is your first time exploring the donation process, you may be wondering how charities put boat donations to use.  The answer is simple: fundraising!  Whether the charity you've chosen is located on the water or not, many charities use donations to create funds for the mission.  Some are put to use directly within the charity and others are used for auction events.

In many cases, donors are eligible for a tax deduction that creates financial relief for your annual taxes.  Ask the charity you are thinking of donating to whether or not they are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.  If so, you can use your sailboat donation Wisconsin as tax deduction on your federal incomes taxes.

Remember, charity is a beautiful action.  No matter what charity you choose to donate to, rest assured knowing you've done something to truly give back to the community.

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